Craftsmanship Craftsmanship starts with caring. These are old school hands with old school experience and you've got access to a lot of them. There is no substitute for experience when demanding applications out of demanding materials is required. May We Be Of Service?
Longevity Lordon turned 50 and is still running strong. Your requirements will have a great home for this run, the next, and the next. May We Be Of Service?
Trust Trust us when it's just that important! When you've got to know it was done right. When you've got to know that someone cared. When it's not only a project, but someone's life is on the line. May We Be Of Service?
Communication Your call is important to us, (Seriously) and you deserve to have your call answered with a knowledgeable person by the second ring from 5 am to 5 pm, every weekday, and a good many weekends. We believe you deserve respect, and we do our best to give prompt information and to return all promised calls and emails. May We Be Of Service?
Beyond Our parts have made it into the human body, Apollo manned life support, International Space Station, Space Shuttle and we are proud to be currently working on a project rumored to have a final destination of more than 100 million miles away. May We Be Of Service?

Why Us?

We work hard to deserve your trust, and to treat all Customers with the respect deserved. Phones are answered and calls are returned.

You can utilize 50 years of experience in satisfying Customers requiring the most trusted of sources for precision manufacturing. Parts produced have been used in the Human body, Space and Beyond.

The goal is to develop relationships that aren't measured in Contract lengths, Months or Years. The goal is to develop relationships that last lifetimes.

What We Offer

Precision machining of small to medium size complex parts out of all materials for production runs.

The deep experience of 1/2 a century.

A modern shop capable of holding tolerances of .000050 (50 millionths).

Computing power to utilize your electronic data files.

An office devoted to satisfy your requirements for information via phone, email, and internet.

A trusted resource to manufacture complex parts requiring multiple processes and extended deliveries.

Access to the experience and know-how that makes demanding Engineering requirements into parts.


Fall 2015: Lordon remains committed to AS 9100 quality standard and passes surveillance audit. Click here to view our AS 9100 certificate.

Customer Recognitions

Gold Supplier winner, preferred supplier awards, and currently approved for many Prime Contractors. Consistently requested to participate in Long Term Purchasing agreements.

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